September #BAFeatureMe Recap

We’ve compiled a list of all the top features on our website from September. Check them all out along with a quick recap video below.

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September was such an amazing month for our #BAFeatureMeinterviews. We featured some of the top BAs from across the UK and France. They shared their stories with us and gave us some invaluable information about what being a BA is all about. Check out the quick recap video we created and also a link to each feature below.

Full #BAFeatureMe Video List

1) Meet Gigi: Earn & Learn

2) Meet Maxence: Focus on the result, not the time

3) Myriam: "Being independent was a revelation for me"

4) Meet Maxime: Becoming a People Person

5) Meet Dylan: The Creative Entrepreneur

6) Koen: Teamwork makes the dream work

Koen portrait

7) Rambo & Gurps: Shifting Up A Gear

8) Mitchell: "Being a BA is making new friends every day"

9) Meet Helena: Getting Recognition

10) Tristan: "Life is a video game: choose your level!"

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Posted On 30/09/2019

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